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EXPA.AI enables you to scale support without increasing headcount, empower the people behind the automation, and treat every customer like a VIP

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AYA SOMPO uses EXPA.AI to simplify, expedite, and streamline the challenging motor claim process.

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MSN employs EXPA.AI to make important sexual health information more visible to everyone.

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True Money

EXPA.AI efficiently provides for True Money facilitates financial transactions such as money transfers, deposits and more.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does the EXPA.AI chatbot cost?

The cost of EXPA.AI chatbot is available at here.

Can we purchase a service to build the chatbots?

Yes, we do offer a service for building chatbots. If you have questions about the costs or restrictions of this service, please get in touch with us.

Does the chatbot respond to customer questions 24/7?

Yes, chatbots will respond 24/7.

How many pages are allowed to connect to the EXPA.AI chatbot?

In the EXPA.AI Chatbot, you can connect as many Facebook pages (projects) as you want. You can have access to the free version for those projects and can also access the paid version on only one Facebook page per package.

In a single subscription, how many pages are allowed to connect to the EXPA.AI chatbot?

There is just one page allowed to connect with the EXPA.AI chatbot for a single subscription.

Can you explain what features are included in the chatbot? And what can we do with those?

You can learn more about the features at EXPA.AI Dashboard.

Does the chatbot respond to the page comments as well?

The page comment reply service is not currently available.

Can I broadcast using the EXPA.AI chatbot on Messenger?

Yes, but you must adhere to the Meta broadcasting policy. You can find more information at the following link.

How about a minimum contract for the EXPA.AI chatbot?

The minimum contract term is one year.

What extra features are available in the paid version? Is there any limitation for the EXPA.AI chatbot modules?

All of EXPA.AI's features except NLU are available.

How many subscribers are allowed to respond via the chatbot in the paid version?

There are no subscriber limits to responding via the chatbot in the paid version.

How long does server maintenance take?

Sometimes, server maintenance may cause a few minutes of downtime, and we will update as soon as possible.

What is the difference between Auto Reply and Smart Reply?

When the user's message precisely matches the sample data (intent data) in the auto-reply module, the auto-reply takes the appropriate action.

When the user's message partially matches the sample data (intent data) in the smart reply (NLU) module, the smart reply (NLU) takes the appropriate action. And the smart reply (NLU) can respond to multiple actions, including different branches and addresses.

How many agents are allowed to be added to the paid version?

There are no limitations to adding agents in the paid version.