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Unlocking the power of named entity recognition

Named Entity Recognition (NER) is a crucial component of Natural Language Understanding (NLU), extracting specific information such as names, locations, and phone numbers from text. NER provides valuable insights from sources like customer complaints and social media posts, leading to improved customer satisfaction and business opportunities through accurate identification of customer intent, quick and comprehensive answers, and improved performance of other NLU tasks.


Identifying key players of intent recognition

Intent recognition in NLU classifies user text inputs and determines intent using machine learning algorithms. Data patterns are identified through classification and clustering to predict future intent. This allows the industry to quickly route customer inquiries to the right department or agent, resulting in faster, more accurate responses, improved customer satisfaction, loyalty, and cost savings for the company.

CRM integration

Intelligent dialogue management for conversational AI

Dialogue Management in NLU improves the user experience by streamlining conversations between the user and system. It identifies user intentions, selects relevant responses, guides conversations to desired outcomes, tracks context, and ensures conversational coherence, allowing users to interact with systems in a natural and intuitive manner, making it easier to achieve their goals and boosting engagement and satisfaction.

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